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Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Christmas Wish


Our wish for this year Christmas is 
to go to a loving family and home. 
We don't know if this wish will come true, but we will continue to hold our paws high up and pray 
that we will find a loving home and family.
Meanwhile, Merry Christmas from all of us 
from Furry Pies

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tiggy Sr + Mia - Adopted by Suhana

Tiggy Sr (Male)

Mia (Female)

Mia & Tiggy Sr to be adopted as pairs. They are from the same mother cat. They were rescued when they were just about 2 weeks old.Their previous adopter decided to buy a pet instead adopting them.

Name: Tiggy Sr and Mia
Age: 7 months
Adoption fee: RM100
Both kitties are neutered, fully vaccinated, flea free and very healthy. Both are litter box trained and very well behaved kitties.
Mia is a DLH and Tiggy Sr is DMH (I think their dad must be a Persian cat)
Find them on PETFINDER

Their previous adopted didn't turn up to pick them up after weeks of waiting.

Mia is DLH (looks like Persian mix, believe her dad must be a Persian cat) while Tiggy is DSH They were rescued when they were just few weeks old from the streets.Both are very playful but not destructive, friendly with other cats/kittens (as they come from a home full of cats.

If you are writing to me, include your phone number,email address, years of experience handling pets, how many pets you have currently, where you live etc etc. emails without these basic information will NOT be entertained.

** ADOPTION FEE of RM100. This is to cover the neuter/spay costs.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shinobi - New Arrival - Adopted by Lutfi Zubaidi

Shinobi came to me about 2 weeks ago. He was very little then, about 10 days old. He still require a lot of attention, so for time being he will be with me till he's independent as he's still on bottle milk. If interested in adopting Shinobi when he's ready, please email me or find me on PETFINDER

He's a male kitty, de-wormed, flea free but yet to be vaccinated. he will be vaccinated before getting adopted. he's such a smart kitten, smart enough to use litter box and he doesn't make a mess. I only showed him once and now he can go and do his business on his own. he can respond to the name baby, as that's how I call him and Shinobi was the name his rescuer gave.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Faith (2 months old Female) Kitten - Adopted by Anie Tahir

Hi everyone, I am Faith :) and grown up to be one of the cutest kitten ever..hehehehe. Look into my eyes, and you will see a wonderful kitten needs to be adopted, given lots of love, attention and care. I am smart, my foster mum says, i am smarter than any other kitten she had in the past, I love to play, I love to suckle on T, don't ask me why, I just do, I love my food and I love to nappy time. If you are lucky, I would even snuggle up with you, but most of the time, I love to sleep on my own, cause I don't want to be crushed :) I am litter-box trained and don't make any mess. I take shower every once a month so pls make sure I am clean of not I may jump into the shower by my self :D I am also fully vaccinated and on dry + wet food. For latest photos, Please visit my profile on PETFINDER

If you think I am the kind of kitty you looking for, buzz my foster mom She would be happy to assist you.

Peterpan (Male) for ADOPTED by Suhana

Peterpan before

Peterpan now :)

Hi, I'm Peterpan, I am super friendly and super active kitten. I loooove to play, be it with human or other cats in my mum's household. I was rescued when I got stuck between tennis court fence one day. I cried for hours thinking someone would come for my aid, finally, my mum came and helped me. I would love to stay with someone who could love me abundantly, give me enough to eat, plenty of attention :) I am also a well behaved cat. I won't give you any trouble at all, even when I am hungry, I would just sit there and look at you until you feed me :) I got neutered on 18/11/2011.

Both kittens are
  1. Litter box trained
  2. De-wormed
  3. Vaccinated
  4. Eat Blackwood dry food & Fussy cat canned food.
  5. Neutered on 18th No 2011
  6. Adoption fee is RM50
  7. Please write a bit about yourself, job, your experience with handling pets when you send your interest in adopting them. Contact me at

Jacky adult female cat

Jacky was just given birth when she was rescued along with her sister Jill who was also had just given birth. Now she is de-wormed, vaccinated and neutered. She's litter trained, on Blackwood for adults, and also Fussy cat. she's a very quiet and obedient cat, but very playful at the same time. She's less demanding and only when she's hungry or when she wants to play. she's been with me the last 5 months till she was given birth and got neutered. Those interested, email me your details, your experience in handling pets, current and past pets etc etc. etc

Adoption fee is RM100, is the cost for neutering her. The fund will then used for other rescued cats/kittens medical/food expense.

Jill Adult female cat

Jill was rescued along with her sister. You can see her profile (Jacky) under my pets for adoption page. All their kittens been adopted. She is de-wormed,neutered and flea free. The RM100 is the cost for neutering her. The fund will then used for other rescued cats/kittens medical/food expense. She's litter trained, on Blackwood for adults, and also Fussy cat canned food. She's very playful and very interactive. Sometimes she speaks with me when I say "Meow Meow" to her and she would respond with a big meow :) She's been with me the last 3 months till she was given birth and got neutered. Those interested, email me your details, your experience in handling pets, current and past pets etc

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Adult Male cat - Krazy ADOPTED

Krazy is about 2 years old. I became his fosterer Feb this year. He's temporarily with me till he finds a good home. He's really a very affectionate cat, he's neutered and quite friendly with other kittens and other adult male cats. He doesn't get along very well with adult female cats. He loves attention and loves sushi :) He will be best suited in a household with 1 or 2 male cats.
If you are interested in adopting Krazy, email me at for more details.

Amy & Butterball - ADOPTED

She's Amy aka Amy Whinehouse :) Amy WH died on the day I was thinking of a good name for her, hence, she's Amy. She's the youngest of the 4 kittens (MJ, Butterball,Tiggy). Timid but don't let that fool you;)

He's Butterball :) A very tough kitten. if he doesn't get his food on time, get prepared to face the "music" :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tiggy Jr & MJ for adoption - ADOPTED by Nurul (Bangi)

This is Tiggy Jr. he got this name because he look very much like Tiggy Sr :P
Very gentle and affectionate guy. MJ & Tiggy Jr to be adopted as a pair.

MJ @ Micheal Jackson. He's about 3 months old. Very playful kitten. Litter box trained. He and his siblings were just 1 month old when they were rescued.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twinkle Heterochromia beauty - ADOPTED by Fid

Special kitty Twinkle. Blue eyed beauty while the other eye os half blue and half green. heterochromiaA dopted by Fid Sharipudin.