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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shinobi - New Arrival - Adopted by Lutfi Zubaidi

Shinobi came to me about 2 weeks ago. He was very little then, about 10 days old. He still require a lot of attention, so for time being he will be with me till he's independent as he's still on bottle milk. If interested in adopting Shinobi when he's ready, please email me or find me on PETFINDER

He's a male kitty, de-wormed, flea free but yet to be vaccinated. he will be vaccinated before getting adopted. he's such a smart kitten, smart enough to use litter box and he doesn't make a mess. I only showed him once and now he can go and do his business on his own. he can respond to the name baby, as that's how I call him and Shinobi was the name his rescuer gave.

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aah said...

lovely eyes!!is he taken