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Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Christmas Wish


Our wish for this year Christmas is 
to go to a loving family and home. 
We don't know if this wish will come true, but we will continue to hold our paws high up and pray 
that we will find a loving home and family.
Meanwhile, Merry Christmas from all of us 
from Furry Pies

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tiggy Sr + Mia - Adopted by Suhana

Tiggy Sr (Male)

Mia (Female)

Mia & Tiggy Sr to be adopted as pairs. They are from the same mother cat. They were rescued when they were just about 2 weeks old.Their previous adopter decided to buy a pet instead adopting them.

Name: Tiggy Sr and Mia
Age: 7 months
Adoption fee: RM100
Both kitties are neutered, fully vaccinated, flea free and very healthy. Both are litter box trained and very well behaved kitties.
Mia is a DLH and Tiggy Sr is DMH (I think their dad must be a Persian cat)
Find them on PETFINDER

Their previous adopted didn't turn up to pick them up after weeks of waiting.

Mia is DLH (looks like Persian mix, believe her dad must be a Persian cat) while Tiggy is DSH They were rescued when they were just few weeks old from the streets.Both are very playful but not destructive, friendly with other cats/kittens (as they come from a home full of cats.

If you are writing to me, include your phone number,email address, years of experience handling pets, how many pets you have currently, where you live etc etc. emails without these basic information will NOT be entertained.

** ADOPTION FEE of RM100. This is to cover the neuter/spay costs.