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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Letter to Santa

 Sunshine says "Me want, beautiful home with beautiful family in it with lots of love"

Baby Blanket says "Mewk....morrr Mewk! Cikken...yumy!"

  Sherbet says "Me wanna be with Sunshine, like how Akka Suzy + Izzy went to a family"

"Is that too much to ask Mr.Santa?"

"Dreaming of a beautiful Christmas this year and wish that our wishes get fulfilled!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Faces of Foo Everywhere

The many faces of Mr.Foo that we miss, but we are happy that he's happily settled down well with his new family. Thank you Ruxuan for opting to adopt :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

BB Blogging


 Wer mewk?!!

Das Mewk!??

*According to Meowpedia, Mewk is Milk. Baby Blanket has only learnt to say "Mewk" for now. Kindly excuse her if her posts bores you.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Story of Baby Blanket

This is Baby Blanket, in short BB. She was left outside a petshop and spotted by a good samaritan (We thank Azella & Partner). They decided to bring her back and looked after her later FurryPies decided to look after her. She was about 10 days old, and she has just opened her eyes then. This is her story for now. She will start publishing her story when she's ready to talk. For now, we are teaching her the basic things. She looks very cute when she drinks her milk, both her ears will twitch, she's very quiet and slowly getting to know her surrounding. We can't wait for her to update this blog when she starts talking.

Once again, Baby Blanket is just another product of unwanted litter, left by the roadside. Spay Neuter your pets please! Such tiny kitten can't fend for herself if you throw her on the street. Have some mercy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Will Foo find his last name?

Fake mummy said, "Foo, you have a visitor today. Make sure your bum bum is clean. No sticky paws, no bad breath, no licking,scratching here and there and no smelling like a goat. Don't be shy and say Hello to the visitor. Be a good boy" I haz visitor today? Wowie! I haz new shirt, new collar bell bell. You like? I iz liking visitors, but I iz shy :( I wanna see the visitor, I don't know who? Who ah?

~ Foo (soon to have a last name, formerly with no last name)

Spaying Song

Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you strayed?
I've been to the Shelter to get myself spayed.
Pussy cat, pussy cat please tell me why?
The cat sat down sadly and said with a sigh:

You may not have noticed, but all through the land,
The cat population is quite out of hand,
There are far too many, and so that is why,
People leave kittens by roadsides to die -

There is a solution to this situation,
We must limit the number of cats in the nation,
So I make this suggestion to all female pets,
Make spaying appointments with your local vets.
~ Thank you Moggycat's

Foot note: The models Suzy & Izzy were the one of the many unwanted litters. Unwanted litters doesn't fall from the sky. Cats doesn't know what sex education is all about. We, as their guardian decide and do what's best for them. 

That's for pets. How can we help the strays that produce more strays? The same, catch, spay/neuter then release them back. If you start with your area, say 1 cat a month you will see amazing result within 12 months. This is a personal experience.

We support Spay/Neuter. If you want to know more about Spay/Neuter info, speak with your Vet or speak to either on the below

Monday, November 26, 2012

Toilet Talk - II

This is a continuation of the Toilet talk segment. let's hear from the rest of the Furry Pies, shall we?
Mr. Foo Foo is a Furry Pies resident for the past 2 months.

User's Nick name: Mr. Foo Foo
Real Name: Foo (with no last name)

Hallo, I iz Foo, you call me Foo Foo olso can. I am liking Oko Plus. Oko Plus cover my poo poo nice. Fake mummy throw my poo in the toilet. No stuck one. I iz using sand last time, I paws got stick. I then lick my paws. Fake mummy scolds me I see paw prints everywhere :( Now i am using Oko Plus, my see no paw prints, so fake mummy no scolding me. Ok, that is all I am saying. Ok Tatta!

The Oko Plus Models

Model's Nick Name: Bonzai Kitty
Real Name: Izzy Batros (soon to have a different last name)

Model's Nick Name: Suzy Q
Real Name Suzy Batros (soon to have a different last name)

Both the girl models Suzy and Izzy didn't want to share any other information. They said the photo will speak for itself. Oh they have been living at FurryPies since July and soon they will be migrating elsewhere. When asked about where they will be, both looked at each other and said simultaneously  "Please respect our privacy. We don't like catarazzi's invading out privacy"

We thank all the users and the models for their valuable time. We definitely going to give Oko Plus a try (but Oko Plus isn't for human?) and experience that ourselves. Our final word, regardless which brand we use, we recommend lets try to use eco friendly, and environment friendly product. So that while caring for our pocket, our home we also care for the environment we live in.

We had a great time doing the photoshoot and we hope the kitties had a great time too. If you have a time, choose a photo of your favourite model and drop us a note at

Sincere apologies that we couldn't interview the FurryPies Personal Assistant as she was high on Silvervine and caught her sleeping on the kitchen counter. We should have taken a photo of that! but afraid we would be sued!

New Kid On The Block

Welcome to FurryPies Baby Blanket! 

We know you will be wondering who this cutie pie is? We will write about her very soon. Sorry, did you say something?! Oh that...Yeah..agree, we apologize. We often say "soon" but we don't publish stories "soon enough" That's because, we have only a pair of paws to do everything around FurryPies. During the last few days, we have been busy, really busy. So, we only get to blog when we find the time. But this time,we can assure you that we will publish all the pending posts, including the "Toilet Talk Interviews" with the rest of  the Pawsters. Have a wonderful week ahead. We going to have a real busy yet pleasant one!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Toilet Talk

Hello everyone,

Today, for a change, we decided to do a product review. We know there are many cat owners out there sometimes can't decide or still shopping around for that perfect little cat litter for their fluffies. I was one too. Anything from Clumping sand to Crystals to wood and Pine, you name it we have used it. For us, this is a very important topic, and some may think this is gibberish. As our wise Dad used to say, only those who have cats will know what a cat owner goes through :P

Anyway coming to the topic, we did a month long research and lots of observations living with 1 mammoth, 1 catwalk model, 1 Bonzai kitty and last, 1 Perimetre kitty. So let's hear from the cat's mouth on what they think of Cats Best OkO Plus shall we?

User's nick name: Mammoth
Real name: Bobby Batros

Hi there, I'm Bobby Batros. I own FurryPies so I'm the Boss, and my mom is my assistant. She does nothing, trust me. Speaking of cat litter, I think Cats Best Oko Plus was the best thing my mum have suggested so far, although it was my idea initially but I had to get her to buy it since she's my personal shopper?

I have been on Oko Plus, say about almost 9 months now. Of all the cat litter we used, I love Oko Plus. It doesn't stain my paws, I still have that rosey pink paws when I jump out of my toilet. The residues although sticks to my smooth paws but it just drops off when I jump out. My toilet doesn't stink like it used to before. It's less smelly but not as close to smelling like spring flowers. My mum could do a better job by fixing an aroma diffuser in there or something *sigh*

My mum complains less after we started using Oko Plus cause she don't have to scoop and throw out the waste instead just flush it down the toilet. When I say toilet, I meant the squatting toilet yeah, not the western toilet. We don't know how that works for the cat litter.  Its easier to flush it down and she doesn't have to pack them nicely like Nasi lemak, go to the big tong sampah to throw it since we live in highrise.

I get my mum to mop and vacumm the house almost on a daily basis when we were on litter sand as the pebbles would just strewn everywhere. Well, not me but the new little ones we used to foster make a mess since they are new to toilet training. So after being on Oko Plus, I see less cleaning so I instructed my mum she could do the cleaning 2 days once. I think I will let the others to share their story another day. I have some sleeping to catch up. It's been a long night listening to some wolves howling in the jungle. Time to put on my "Securitey T"

That's it for today folks. We shall update the interviews with the rest tomorrow :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I, me and Myself

Hello my favourite people! How have you guys been? It's been a looooong time since I blogged last (the previous blog post doesn't count. That was letting off my steam, so doesn't count)

Anyway, since Christmas is just around the corner, I have been doing a lot of self reflection. I mean, I get lotsa Christmas presents from my Mum and Dad and not to mention for Christmas. My mum used to sneak in a few things for me without my Dad's knowledge at times as a gift. So this year, I decided that I will be the biggest person or the grown up man of my household and decided to donate my Christmas gifts.

I'm a good cat aren't i? :) I know..I know. My mum thinks I am selfish but, think about it how many times I have shared my bed with  other cats and kittens? How many toys I have shared and sacrificed? How many times I have shared my portion of Fussie Cat with others? Most of all, I have shared my Mum with others. So I think this time, this year, it should be all about me.

My Mum said, I deserve the best for this Christmas for being very kind, understanding, tolerant and most of all for being her pillar. Ok Mum, I would like to have a home baked treats today. Can I have some? Can you bake? Oh wait, let me rephrase that, Do you even know what baking is? Is that a roller you holding in your hand? Does this mean I have to stop typing? Oh Oh...alright guys, I will speak soon with you guys if I survive the test today...Adios!

*Ps: don't you think I look dashing? :D

~ Bobby Batros

Monday, November 19, 2012

"Why you cry la Foo?"


My name iz Foo. I am 2 month old. I am found in Seremban, very very very far. My fake mummy take me her house. I looking for new house, new family and frendz. I am good boy. I am handsome, cute and shy shy tiny much. I like fake mummy, fake mummy giving me fish, chiken,biskut, milk and whatever la.

I wake up morning, play play then eat. Then I play play, then i sleep. I like papa Bobby. Papa Bobby verrrrrrry nice. I sleep on Papa Bobby, Papa Bobby no angry. Papa Bobby like big pillow  So soft soft and I see dreams, so many dreams in my sleep. Akka Suzy also verry nice, Akka Izzy notty little much. She bite bite my tail you know :( Soooo painful. I cry then fake mummy come ask me "Why you cry la Foo" I say "Akka Izzy bite bite me" then fake mummy ask me again "Why you cry la Foo" I say again "Akka Izzy bite bite me" then fake mummy ask AGAIN "Why you cry la Foo" I angry I go under sofa and sit. Why fake mummy ask me say too many times?

Today, fake mummy make fish. Nice fish, I like fish,big fish. Akka Izzy not eating fish, don't know why. Akka Suzy, Papa Bobby and I Foo, eating fish. fake mummy verry happey. I also happey. I so sleepy. I got dream then I see you in dream. Tatta

~ Foo (with no last name)

Sunday, November 18, 2012


The things a cat have to go through to keep their owners stay happy, sane and stay motivated takes a lot more than You think, and don't even ask about the things a kid has to go through or do to make their parents happy. I am going to be very serious today. Just because my mom got a best Christmas present ever from my dad, I, Bobby Batros has to sacrifice my Christmas present too? WTP!! Why should I be making that sacrifice? Even if I have to, why can't I be the one who makes the decision and not You Mom!?

Moral of the story? Not to born as a Ginger Cat that too a very good looking one and to have resemblance to a celebrity *cough*

~ Bobby Batros

Friday, November 16, 2012

Lil Foo looking for a loving home (Adopted by Ruxuan)

When he was found

Foo was rescued on a rainy day at a shopping Mall carpark mid Oct. Foo is a very playful but timid kitten. He’s vary of strangers but once he gets to know you, he’ll be your best friend He fears any sudden movements or loud noise so he needs to be approached gently. He can gets along great with other kittens that are older than him and adult cats. He enjoys sleeping on mattress and baskets stuffed with pillows. He’s mainly on wet food and kibbles for now. 

Not a fussy eater but frequent eater. He likes to sleep under the sheets at night. He hates to be alone and prefer human company. He loves to be photographed He’s master litter box user and never a messy kitten.Would prefer a home with a stay home housewife with or without children. If with children, hope the children can be gentle with him.

He’s de-wormed, flea free and have received his 1st vaccination. His last vaccination will be on the 27th Nov. So I will only let him go to his new home after the last shot. Interested adopters can email me at for adoption form. All adopters will be screened prior to adoption

Suzy & Izzy Looking for a home (adopted by Suzana)

Suzy and Izzy along with their siblings (Sassy & Kirby) was found in a box outside a cybercafe late July 2012. They were just 2 weeks old then. Now they are all grown up to be beautiful babies and looking for a home.

1.Suzy (Female)
*A sweet little reserved kitten but when she starts to play, no one can stop her. She loves her food. She only comes to you when she needs to be patted, otherwise she likes to do her own thing (ie: chase around her own tail for hours) or chasing mosquitoes and other small insects. She loves to sun tan.

2. Izzy (Female)
* A very quiet (she doesn't meow much) and mischievous kitten. She can run and chase after anything that moves. Don’t let her timid look to fool you, she may look timid but in reality she’s a fighter. She’s very active, and loves to be patted. She makes a very good lappy cat and not to mention a purring dinosaur.

Both are de-wormed, flea free and vaccinated  Both kittens were raised with lots of love and had someone with them all the time. They are best suited in a household preferably with a stay home housewife/Mom who could give them all the attention they need. They are to be adopted together as they have grown up together. They great with kids and are very gentle, especially Suzy.

Interested adopters, kindly email me at for adoption form for screening purpose

Monday, November 12, 2012

Heppey Deiwali!

Today me Foo blog blog. It's Deiwali tomorrow. Got Deiwali day? What iz it? Papa Bobby tell all anne, akka thambi and thangatchi take oil bath den wear new clothes. Diz Cat lady make me oil bath??!! Oh No!! I is hating OIL! I go looking in the closet for new clothes but got no clothes. Meibe only for her own children :(( I thinking how Deiwali is like? She got supprises me tomorrow? Oh, I seeing  Sassy & Kirby's blog, verrrry noice. You liking my photo? The lady taken this. I looking handsome. Ok, i pee pee, seeing you tomorrow. Heppey Deiwali to you! - Foo with no last name

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kirby & Sassy (Adopted by Sharifah)

The kittens were raised with lots of love and had someone with them all the time. They are best suited in a household preferably with a stay home housewife/Mom who could give them all the attention they need. They are to be adopted together as they have grown up together.

1.Sassy (Female)
* Sassy is a talker, loves to give nose kisses. she's very affectionate and loves human company, very playful, very close to both Kirby and Sassy.

2.Kirby (Male)
*He loves his nap time and love chasing around anything that is glittery, including his reflection in the mirror. Loves to fight with Sassy although he lose the fights often. He likes to cuddle when he gets very sleepy.

Interested adopters, kindly email me at for adoption form for screening purpose.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hello folks,
Sorry, I haven't been actively blogging the past few weeks. My dad is in town and I have been busy catching up with him on a few things. Since my dad been away for a long time, I had to show him where the kitchen is, where my food bowl is, where the kibbles are kept etc etc. It took a while for me to teach him and to remind him a few other things. Btw, good news is our little Izzy has made a huge progress. She can now walk. She's still wobbly but I think that's good since she can use the toilet to do her business and won't soil the carpets anymore :) Each time when she soils the carpet, my mom gives me that scary stare as if I have done it. Come on, I'm a grown up boy. Do you seriously think I would wanna soil the carpet? So, anyway, all is well at home. Now I must get back to training my dad on feeding. He doesn't quite get the tricks, or that he simply doesn't want to learn. Cheerios guys, we will speak again soon.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Little Mhee Checking In

Remember Me (Mhee)? 

We received a little updates on Little Mhee from her mom. Suddenly we realised how much we have missed her. We wanted to scoop her put into our pockets and run away..LOL

All seems to be well with her. She's yet to bond with her older sister Po, but looks like they will start playing Police & Thief game soon and her mom will get plenty of exercise :P

Btw, we read somewhere that when our kitties looks at us or stare at us for a longer period, it's a sign that they love us. So, she must love her mom very much or that she was trying to make you look at We were happy to see the photos of Little Mhee who's not so little Mhee anymore.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday = Treatday!

Aunty Lynn gave us some home made treats for lunch today. I ate more than I could digest, now my tummy is so full. The little babies also had a mouthful  must have had more than they could handle I think, everyone is lying flat out. I don't know what my mum had, she's lying on the floor with us like a big brown python. Can't write much, I need to sleep it over. Thank You Aunty Lynn, I loved the cookies and my mum loved whatever you gave her *I thought I was your favourite*

Owls visits to Furry Pies

Hey guys, you won't believe what I saw last night. At around midnight, I was with my little babies on the balcony while my mom was on her knees asking for forgiveness from me, I saw a big turkey landed on the balcony railing! I fought off the turkey with all my strength who tried to grab little Izzy and I so bravely fought off the bird. The Turkey might have felt so scared of me so it flew off after. A few nights ago, similar thing happened. The same Turkey came to our window sill while my mom was doing her beauty regiment in the washroom. I saw something outside the window and I growled to scare that thing off. I made myself bigger than that thing was and again, it got scared and flew off. My mom thought I was making up some stories.After the last night incident, I just wanted to make sure the Turkey don't come around again and carry my mum away, so I went to bed with her the entire night, kept a vigilant watch.

Bobby's version of an Owl

Mum's version: Last night, at around 1am, I was sitting at the balcony with the little ones and Bobby was as usual leaning on the balcony railing. I switched off all the lights in the house and it was so peaceful just to sit there and listen to crickets and dogs howling not too far away. Since Izzy can't walk, I always place her in a self-made bed and keep her close wherever I am so she could be with her other siblings. At one point I stepped inside, went to the kitchen to get some water, Bobby followed me. Within few seconds, I heard a crashing sound and hissings. I quickly came to the balcony and nothing was weird except Izzy was on her back and was panting so hard. The rest of the siblings went into hiding under the sofa and the clothes line on the balcony was slightly tilted towards the rattan chair. And all of a sudden I saw glowing eyes in the dark and something was sitting on the balcony railing. I freaked out. Within few seconds I came to my senses and realised it was a big Owl. I was scared and Bobby stood behind me unlike other times he always stand infront of me. I slowly bend down and grabbed Izzy's bed and dragged her inside and closed the sliding door. The Owl flapped his wings and did the usual head shaking, let out a shrieking sound and flew off.

This wasn't the first time it has happened. A few nights ago I and my friend Lynn saw 2 big Owls,perched at a tree opposite to our condo block. On the same night, when we got ready for bed, I closed all the doors except for windows for fresh air. While I was in the washroom, I heard Bobby's growls. I came out and Bobby stood at the window sill and all puffed up with his eyes as big as watermelon.He does that sometimes, as if he has seen something or someone, either behind me or in the jungle. And he does all this after midnight which freakes me out.

Anyway, that night, after I saw Bobby looking like a bundle of cotton just came out of a dryer, I immediately knew something wasn't right so I quickly closed the windows and right then I felt a movement outside. It was so eerie since it was around midnight as well so I ignored. Only later I connect that incident could be the Owls were preying on KISS clan :O Thank God Bobby was there to protect us that night. If not for his growl, the Owl might have caught Bobby (Although I wonder if the Owl would be strong enough to fly off with him) So, after that incident, Bobby was so scared (I think) he came to bed with me and stayed there the entire night, purring so loudly and trying to smother me, which kept me awake till 4am :(

Friday, September 28, 2012


You know, today, my mum conveniently locked me up in a cage, in the store room from lunch till dinner time. Her excuse was, she was preparing me for something very important, a major shift that's gonna take place soon. But you know what I think? I think she's getting old, and getting very forgetful these days. She forgot that I am in the cage, that too in that store room and the door is shut. I waited, waited, and waited. I even heard Aunty Joy rang her and asked for me. I thought she would come and look for me, instead she kept yapping away on the phone. That was around 6pm.

An hour later, then I heard main door opened and shut, everything went quiet. I am sure my mum has gone out to have a partay since its Friday night. Then at around 10pm, I heard main door opened and shut. She is back! Finally, she called out for me. I tried to respond but what the meow?? Why should I? I just kept quiet. I heard some rattling of spoons and bowls, it's feeding time. She must have fed my little babies :)  (They are so adorable you know, I love them to bits..NOT!)  GOD must have rang a bell in her brain. Atlast. she opened the door, came running to me, and said sorry repeatedly *roll of eyes*

She kept telling stories how she is preparing me for something big. Come on Mum!! I'm not a small kit you know, I know you simply forgot that I'm in that cage and in that room. Whom you trying to kid!? She got my message I think, cause I think she is walking around with this really guilty look on her face. Serves her right for locking me in! I missed out my precious balcony time from 2pm to 10pm and she said to me, "Sorry darling, you can chillax at the balcony tomorrow, ok? You could have some kibbles now if you like" then gave me this big grin. Well mum, here's an advice, don't try to bribe me for your mistakes. Just say "I'm so sorry Bobby, I won't do it again" That's all I want to hear.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Being Nanny

Sorry for my silence. I have been really busy looking after the K.I.S.S Clan. My mom doesn't help me much with the Kitty-Sitting. I had to do everything. Will write more when I get a personal space.