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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Daisy, Dewey & Oprah - Adopted

They have been with me for the last 52days :) They were so tiny then, look at them now, all grown up so much and ready to find their forever homes. Here's a little bit about them, they are about 1 month 2 weeks old

1. Oprah (Female)
Hi, I'm the eldest of all. Initially I was mistaken for a male kitty. I'm quite reserved, quiet, very calculative, love cuddles and love to snuggle with my foster mom in her bed. I make a very good lappy kitty. I watch my diet, I eat just right and never over indulge myself unlike Dewey and Daisy. Although I'm quite reserved, I'm always up for a good fight with my brother and sister and I love my playtime. I still suckle  on my brother and sisters when I get too sleepy.I am a master litter tray user.

2. Dewey (Male)
Hi, I'm Dewey, the only thorn among the roses:)  I love to play, more than my big sis Oprah. I love my food way too much so you better feed me 4 times a day. I'm very vocal but only when I'm hungry. I have this lovely ginger spots on my entire body and stripes around my front and back legs, which my foster mom says I remind her of a Leopard. When I get too sleepy or tired, I would like a pat and a tummy rub. I love snuggling up with my big sis and little is under the sheet.I love my freedom, so pls don't lock me up in the cage or carrier too long, I no likey! I am a master litter tray user.Oh, btw, did i mention that I love Mangoes?

3. Daisy (Female)
What can I say about me? I'm the weakest and tiniest among the rest. I am way too playful compared to Oprah and Dewey :) I'm feisty,love my food but not as much as Dewey. he's a big eater. I have this never ending energy running through my body, could go and on running around everywhere chasing my imaginary birds and Butterflies sometimes Laser beams.My favourite toy is your toes under the sheet at night...nothing can beat that. I love my cat trees too.My foster mom says, I could beat Usain Bolt when it comes to sprinting and people should take wall climbing lessons from me. I am very close to my big sis Oprah and of-course my big bro Dewey. I am a master litter tray user.

Contact us at if you are interested in giving us a home and a family.

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