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Friday, March 2, 2012

Eat like Kings & Queen

Weekly once I make it a point I steam either chicken or Fish for my cats (both the resident cats and the guests came for boarding) usually it will be Sardine fish or Kembung, but lately it's been Sardine since Kembung doesn't seems to be appealing to my cats. From the minute I start to clean the fish till I started de-bone them, the entire household will be very noisy and everyone will be jumping around in joy :) Pretty funny to watch them. 

Cleaned and ready to be steamed

After steam

Finding the perfect spots to sniff the fish smell

The perfect Gues ever Boboy

"I smell something very fishy somewhere"
The result: after de-bone

Makan time, gourmet lunch with a view at no cost

Must be his first time having a fish. This is Bobby a guest that came for a stay.

Chu, she has no clue what to do with the fish :)

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