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Sunday, March 11, 2012

We Know the Truth

We, (regardless the resident cats, the fostered cats or some of us who came for boarding) at Furry Pies witness plenty and have plenty of stories to tell. Be it about the Guests cats, their owners and those who seeks our help then later go on to say not really positive things about us. We only care what we are doing. We know we did our best and we still doing our best.

Most of us in fact all of us are raised since young, as young as 10 days old. Mind you, all of us are rescued cats/kittens left on the streets. When we came to Furry Pies, to her new home, everything was different to us. We had a balcony that looks right to a big jungle..scary but never once we wanted to jump out of the window, or the grill or the main entrance door. Even the cats that were came to board as a Guest, never felt or had the urge to jump off the balcony. Everyone had their own freedom to move and they were well cared for. The first step we go through at Furry Pies when we arrive is that, we get a thorough medical check up, de-flea  and get de-wormed. 2 weeks after our first visit, we will then get our 1st vaccination shot, followed by the rest of the shots following month  respectively. When we reach 5 to 6 months of age, we then seek our vets advice to get neutered/spayed. None of us has to be caged,locked or my mom has to put up a huge struggle with us, ended up with bleeding hands caused by our claws that has never been tipped prior to our vet visits ;) That's because we were raised by her since we were rescued and we were raised to be household pets :) I believe this goes to most of the rescued cats/kittens out there too.

We do get unusual guests like that has never been vaccinated not neutered but claimed to be someone's pets and been a household cat that were almost 7 months of age. The most interesting part is when our home, and my mom get blamed for their mistakes. That is one of the reason we ALWAYS ask the owners who wants to send their pets to Furry Pies Homestay to visit us first. But some due to "personal reasons" never really pay a visit then later on go on to say negative things. But we are alright with that, because if at all the pets could talk as you humans do, i am pretty sure your pet will tell you what you have been telling about us out there is utterly rubbish :) We see, digest and we keep quiet. We know the truth and that's what matters. Good luck in finding homes for PPL as they were part of our clan for sometime. We know the truth and GOD was watching when they were treated well and not unlike it was told otherwise out there.

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