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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oprah Found Her Forever Home

It's been exactly 10 days since Oprah went to her new home. I was glad the owner seemed nice and she took a liking to Oprah. Adoption form was filled up and prior to that I felt comfortable talking to the interested adopter when she initially called to inquire about Oprah. As a final step, I have invited her for a visit to see Oprah and she was taken home. I hope I did the right thing, as I only received updates for the first 2 days and after that, either my calls gets disconnected or no answer/reply from the owner. All I could think of well being of Oprah. Both her siblings went to good homes and I get frequent updates infact, Dewey's family has set up a blog for him to keep me posted on his well being. Daisy's owner is sending me frequent updates amidst being busy. Either way, I hope only the best for Oprah. Hope she's well taken care of.


nieza said...

Hi there... Still no updates on Oprah till now?

Furry Pies said...

Hi Nieza, Sill no update. She still doesn't answer my calls.