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Monday, May 21, 2012

Thank You

Felix The Angel
The past few weeks been a very emotional for both me and my kitties. I saw Dewey went to his new forever home, followed by Daisy on the same day. I almost choked up, but calmed myself as I know they have found a very loving family who loves them to bits. I was a little worried about Daisy, although I know Dewey will adapt to his new surrounding and the new faces around him rather quickly. To my surprise, the good news first came from Daisy's family. She only skipped a meal on her first day and later she was back to herself, which is eating her food, asking for bread and eating from other's food bowl then started to make friends with her new companion who is 16 months older than her :) 

The 2nd good news was from Dewey's family. Dewey had a tough time making friends with his new companion Tiger even after Tiger offered to shake paws with him. Now my worries diverted to Dewey from Daisy. I was a little concerned and worried he might not befriend Tiger at all. Much to my surprise, Dewey's Dad sent the good  news that Dewey finally made friends with Tiger :) and one more good news is that, his Mom and Dad started preparing home cooked food for them..YAY! 

I'm not against commercial cat food, but after reading Dr.Chan's blog and my friend's encouragement, a bit of reading on the net, I finally started to put all my kitties on home cooked on full time. They used to be on home cooked 2 to 3 times a week before but now, they are fully on home cooked and the dry kibbles as snacks.I see they are looking much healthier, their coat is shinier than before and most importantly, I don't see the frequent skin rash that Bobby and Tiggy used to have (Touch Wood!) I still remember, when Dewey's Dad took him home, he asked me if Dewey is really a 3+ months old kitten. Tiger was just 1 month younger but when it comes to physical size, Dewey was much bigger than Tiger, Well, thanks to Dr.Chan and home cooked.

So, now, only 5 of us at home, Me, my Bobby,Peterpan, Mia and Tiggy Sr, and by tomorrow, Mia and Tiggy Sr might get adopted. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them. All of them deserve a good and loving home. They have gone through a lot of hardship and disappointments and all I wish for them is only Happiness, Love and Joy in the future and I sincerely hope, they will find that.

I'm also remembering my precious little Felix, who passed on early this year.Her death is something that I'm still struggling to accept. Although her journey was short, she had so much love in her and showed me that love has no boundaries. Believe me or not, I still call out her name before I go to bed every night as she would always by my side when I retire for the night :(. Miss her

And to the Angels who have given my kittens and cats a home, I wish to Thank You for giving them a loving forever homes. I wish all the happiness and May the Almighty's blessings be with you

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