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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Little Willow (Adopted)

Willow was seen loitering around a condo car park and sleeping at the guard house by a friend of mine. She was feeding Willow for sometime till Willow get's acquainted with her. Yesterday, my friend managed to get Willow into a pet carrier and asked if I could foster her till she finds a home.

Now, Willow is with me, after a good scrub and medicated with flea medicine, she's sound as sleep. She's about 5 to 6 months old Female kitten, with a bushy tail and medium length fur. My guess was she was someone's pet perhaps got lost? But according to my friend, she has not seen any notice of Lost Pet around her area and looking at her condition (She was kind of dirty and hard to see it due to her Tortoise Shell shade) and I noticed how dirty she was when I gave her a bath. She was very easy to handle when I gave her a bath. After bath, she quickly rolled onto my bath towel instead of hers and started rolling. I carried her and put her on my lap with the towel wrapped around her, she looked like a child :)

Vet's visit has been scheduled for next week for the necessary. Let's hope she gets settled in and gets a good loving home. Welcome to Furry Pies Little Willow :)

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