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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fussie Cat

Hi, Today it's Me (Bobby) turn to update our blog. You may notice the new blog layout which I DID it all by myself :D (I hope I would get a can of Fussie Cat from my mum :-|) Do you see that image on the header? Noticed that Ginger cat? That's me btw :D

My mom, is shall I put it...not the creative type la (Please don't mention this to her, else there goes my food supply!). The previous blog layout looked pretty bare and eweomy, so I decided I will give it a new look. How do you folks like it?

Today Little Mhee has taken a break from all her antics and stunts which she usually does to impress my mum. She always bodek my mummy for more food and Fussie Cat. I and Peteypan have given a new nick name "Bodek-Girl". I know the kind of tricks she plays on my mummy. But one thing I don't understand is that, my mummy always falls for her trap. For example, when Little Mhee wants Fussie Cat, she would not eat her regular food, go and lie down quietly in a corner, then look at my mom and she would say "Meeew". Immediately Mummy would say, "Aww..Poor baby, you don't want this food? Let me open a can of Fussie Cat" and there we (Me,Peteypan and Willow) would go, "YES!!! Fussie Cat today..Yippie!" Then, mum would open a can, take a scoop, serve Little Mhee, then will look at us, and put it back into the fridge.we go, "Aww..SHOOT!" I don't blame my mummy. If we don't tell her, just as the way that Little Mhee tells her, then how she would know we also want Fussie Cat right?

So, I, as the leader of the pack, would need to take control of the situation. I then don't eat my regular meal, would go and  lie down in a corner very quietly and I "mew" at my mum whenever she passes by me. She would take notice of me after hoursand asks "What's wrong Bobby, why not eating your food today?" I go "meeeew" again, then she would say "Don't be naughty,You better eat your food, if not I am taking it away in 10mins" How's that fair???  When Little Mhee does that it's cute so she deserves Fussie Cat but when I do, it's no longer cute instead I am being naughty!

I had to release my tension somewhere. So I took it all on the blog layout. My mum today is acting little crazy. She got her "fix" this morning from Sillylupie. The last I saw her was lying on top of the kitchen counter, hugging and sniffing her Sillylupie P-Low.I better go and check on her before she falls off the counter...again!

I see you folks tomorrow. Oh, I just remembered, I think there are rats in our house. Will write more tomorrow. Bye!

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