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Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's Been A Long Day!

"I'm taking a break after hours of helping the Cat Lady"
I am so tired today. Since morning, I have been helping this lady cleaning,washing,arranging stuffs. Wait, I need to give her a name, I just can't write "this lady" and you might get confused with other ladies? So, I'll call her Cat Lady. So,where was I? Yes, helping the cat Lady to clean the house. She couldn't even move the dinner table so she could vacuum the carpet underneath. So I helped her by pulling the carpet she was struggling with the dinner table. She said to me "Mhee, could you go and play elsewhere" I was like "Excuse me Lady, I thought I would help you and you asked me to go away?"

Nevermind that, after that she was putting the newly washed laundry for drying. I saw some funny strings were hanging loosely from a shorts, so I decided that I will help her by ripping off the strings and was checking of the white T on the pail was washed properly. She looked at me, with both her hands on her hips, "Mhee, naughty girl, don't do that, that's washed clothes" *Sigh* I was just helping you, and you call me naughty girl? Not that I was walking all over the washed clothes and leaving my paw prints :-|

Again, I said to myself, It's alright,She probably missed her morning coffee today and went about with my things. Then I smelt something, like something burnt. I noticed there was something on the coffee table, I wanted to check what it was. There was a small plate and on top of it, there was something flat,brown in colour. I checked it out, smelt funny but kind of tempting to taste. I slowly walked over it, just to make sure its edible, not for me though but for the Cat Lady. I walked all over it, to see if it was well cooked. The Cat lady saw this, she screamed at me :(( She said, "That's my toast you little rascal" I looked at her and said "I was just checking" and she ignored me. I wonder why every time I answer her questions, she repeats the same questions over and over to me as if she couldn't understand or that she needs hearing aid.

Just a few minutes ago, our usual grocery guy came to deliver our things. Melvin is nice, I like him. While he was putting all the grocery items on the table, I was back on duty to monitor if all the items on the list was there. I saw a big white box, wanted to check if it was chicken and fish, the Cat Lady immediately picked it up and put in the big grey smoking box in the kitchen. What did she thought? That I was gonna gobble down on that nice smelling fish? and that Chicken? *sigh*

I just don't understand her. She complains we cats don't help her at all, but when I genuinely want to help her, she wouldn't let me. And even if she does let me, she don't even say "Thank You Little Mhee". Where are your manners Cat Lady!?

Alright, this is all for today. I'm done with my rantings. I must get some rest and start helping her with the cooking later.

Cheerios Peeps!


nieza said...

Haahahahahahaha... naughty Mhee

Joy E. Saga said...

We totally agree with you Mhee. Our mommy too, when she sweeps the floor and those dust balls are rolling around like mad, we are trying to help her by catching them for her before it attacks her ... and what do we get ... a squeek and we get picked up get molested (she says it to remove the deadly dust balls) ... sigh... humans. They are such inferior beings. They will not understand us.

Furrever Feline team

Furry Pies said...

Little Mhee~ Oh yeah, I forgot about the dust-balls and the dried leaves on the balcony :( Tell me about it! :((