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Friday, July 27, 2012

Mhee's Rantings

My  foster lady scolded me this morning :(( I'm so sad now. She says I don't use the toilet very often. How to use the toilet when I don't get the urge right? Besides, the toilet is not an air-conditioned or some nice toys hanging here and there making it so inviting to sit there the whole day anyway. 

She's always like "Mhee baby, go use toilet, Mhee baby, have you wee wee'd yet? Mhee bay, come here, Mhee baby, go there" *sigh*

Oh, btw, have I told you guys that I'm also a Part-Time model? This lady who's fostering me made me to work as a model. I had to wear funny looking attires, jewellery, this and that crap stuffs. No complaint though because that's how I make my living. If not evil lady won't feed me. Sometimes, I get too tired from the photo shoot. That explains why I can't make frequent toilet visits.

So you ask what do I do daily that I'm so busy? This is my daily schedule....

7am - Me breakfast time
7:30am - me play time
8am - Me snack time
9am - me play time
10am - Me nappy time
1pm - Me lunch time
1:30pm - 5pm Play with Miss Moo time, Photo shoot
5pm - 7pm me nappy time
7pm Me dinner time
7:30pm  - 10pm me play and TV time,Photo shoot
10:30pm Me snack time
12am *Yawn* Me big sleep time

So where do I fit in that " M(he)e's toilet time" now you tell me??

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Anonymous said...

she has such a cute face. Lucky owner!