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Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Story - Little Mhee

Little Mhee (before)

Little Mhee (Now)

Hello there, I'm Mhee, translates to "Bear" in Thai. My foster mummy calls me Little Mhee, because I am little and cute :)

I was picked up by a really nice lady at a restaurant one night. She said, I was too little and could hardly fend for myself when she spotted me. She me brought home and took me to the vet. 2 days after, I was sent to live with this lady with a fat orange cat temporarily. I like it there. She fed me, and that fat orange cat plays with me whenever she was busy doing other things.

Initially, I could only suckle on food. The lady I stayed with tried to teach me how to suckle on milk bottle, but she was so bad in teaching me. I mean how a small little fellow like me could learn soooo much in a day right? Anyway, she gave up after she failed (Not my fault, she was very bad in teaching me) she started to hand feed me. I think that was better cause I could suckle on much better.

It's almost 1 month now since I came to this lady. I am now no longer the skinny little kitten although I am still tiny. I can now eat on my own and use the litter tray by myself without making a mess. Soon, my real mom will take me home to live with her. She said I will have a big sister and her name is "Po". I can't wait to go home.So, that's my story.

Last but not least, if you have pets, that are not neutered, please consider to neuter/spay them to avoid unwanted litters. If you can manage the litters then you are most welcome to have them but imagine, 1 cat could produce 6 kittens the least and that kittens will multiply when they grow up and have litters on their own.

Would you want to see a defenceless little fellow like me by the road struggling to fend for my self and survive? I was so lucky in a way that I was spotted by my mom but not all are as lucky as Mhee (me).

If you are a future pet owner, then consider adopting homeless kittens like us. I am sure there are many out there waiting to go to a loving homes.

In return you get unlimited love from us :)

Thank you for reading my story. I am a good story teller but the lady who typed my story is so bad with her typing *sigh*


oui mils said...

lol, that is so sweet Megaa. Thank you so much for all this ;) and it's a good write up, not bad at all hehe and yes, you're a great story teller!

Joy E. Saga said...

Hi Little Mhee! That's a wonderful story. Forgive the lady who types ... she's trying her best. Just give her more purrs and cuddles and I'm sure she'll improve

nieza said...

Like 100000x

Anonymous said...

You precious li'l thing!