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Sunday, August 12, 2012

OMG! Rats!!

Remember few days ago I mentioned I think there are 'rats" in our home? I finally cracked the code. I "caught" all the rats hiding in our store room. But my mum keep ignoring my warnings and keep going into the room to take things not realising all that shredded newspapers and other things were the doings of the rats and not us the resident cats. The only way to make her see there are rats in that storage room is to catch them red handed and hand it over to her. Untill then Bobby Batros is not going to rest!

~ Bobby Batros signing off


Joy E. Saga said...

Perhaps if you can catch a rat or two and give it as an offering to your mommy, she will then believe you :-)

Furry Pies said...

Aunty Jo, Unfortunately, there are not rats :( I got punk'd
~ Bobby Batros