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Monday, August 27, 2012

Rats Exposed!

Introducing the K.I.S.S Clan
Me and Izzy having a bit of chat
Me and Sassy

That's me and Kirby
Remember before the Raya holidays, I wrote about "rats" in our home? It's about time I reveal the story.

I was too curious about the guest room and what's in there. My mom wakes up in the middle of the night, disturbing my sleep. She makes her self milk and goes to the room and shuts the door behind. She would sit there for donkey hours while I am outside dozing off every now and then. does she have to wake me up from my sleep everytime she wakes up? Life of a Guardian cat is not easy my friends :(

Then she comes back to bed, turns on the light, reads.'s 3am in the morning, can I have some peace and quiet sleep and turn off that lights already! Just about when I wanted to fall asleep, she wakes up again, of course pushing me aside, goes back to the store room and sit there for donkey hours. I  was very curious what could be in that room that my mom have to wake up every hour, disturbing my sleep.

So, one fine morning, I managed to sneak into the store room while my mom was busy doing something else, and she forgot to close the door. she thought I was sound asleep on the chair. To my surprise, I saw a basket full of rats in that room. Some toys, nice smelling food on the plate and water. I wondered "why my mom was feeding the rats? Who in the world would want to feed the rats? what was wrong with my mom? Is she going senile??" and then, I had a closer look, sniffed them, and they looked a bit like me when I was little. It came to me that moment that they were new kittens. There were 4 of them,  My mom stashed them inside the store room from all of us in the household (except Little Mhee) that she had new born in the house. I was so disappointed. How could she hide this from me? Why can't I know there were new kittens in the house?

So, this morning, I visited the little ones. Apparently, my mom even named them Kirby,Izzy,Sassy and Suzy in short K.I.S.S, the rock band. Kirby and Sassy were courteous enough to greet me. Izzy and Suzy went into hiding as if they have just seen a dinosaur or something. I asked them to play with me. They were a little reluctant for  afew minutes. My mom asked me to bring them to the living room so she could clean up their room. I, as the obedient son, guided all of them out of the room to the living room and gave them a rattan ball which Aunty Lynn gave me to play :) Thank you Aunty Lynn, you are the best, better than my mum!

No doubt, I was a bit dissapointed that I didn't find rats but I am ha[[y that I am gonna be busy for the next few months with K.I.S.S. clan :)

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