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Friday, September 28, 2012


You know, today, my mum conveniently locked me up in a cage, in the store room from lunch till dinner time. Her excuse was, she was preparing me for something very important, a major shift that's gonna take place soon. But you know what I think? I think she's getting old, and getting very forgetful these days. She forgot that I am in the cage, that too in that store room and the door is shut. I waited, waited, and waited. I even heard Aunty Joy rang her and asked for me. I thought she would come and look for me, instead she kept yapping away on the phone. That was around 6pm.

An hour later, then I heard main door opened and shut, everything went quiet. I am sure my mum has gone out to have a partay since its Friday night. Then at around 10pm, I heard main door opened and shut. She is back! Finally, she called out for me. I tried to respond but what the meow?? Why should I? I just kept quiet. I heard some rattling of spoons and bowls, it's feeding time. She must have fed my little babies :)  (They are so adorable you know, I love them to bits..NOT!)  GOD must have rang a bell in her brain. Atlast. she opened the door, came running to me, and said sorry repeatedly *roll of eyes*

She kept telling stories how she is preparing me for something big. Come on Mum!! I'm not a small kit you know, I know you simply forgot that I'm in that cage and in that room. Whom you trying to kid!? She got my message I think, cause I think she is walking around with this really guilty look on her face. Serves her right for locking me in! I missed out my precious balcony time from 2pm to 10pm and she said to me, "Sorry darling, you can chillax at the balcony tomorrow, ok? You could have some kibbles now if you like" then gave me this big grin. Well mum, here's an advice, don't try to bribe me for your mistakes. Just say "I'm so sorry Bobby, I won't do it again" That's all I want to hear.


nieza said...

Oh my! Poor Bobby...hehehe, but once in a while its ok to be alone without 'the kids'. Right, Bobby? By the way, send my regards to ur mom. Its been a while since we last contacted each other.

Joy E. Saga said...

Hi Bobby! We were taking about girlie stuff ... nothing to do wif u (heh!) ... just be patient big boy and all will be revealed to you in good time, trust aunty Joy hehe

Furry Pies said...

Hi Aunty Nieza :), I will convey your regards to her. Hope Sweetpea is well. We often think of him.~ Bobby Batros

Furry Pies said...

Hi Aunty Joy,

Ok, I trust you. Hope Pedro and the gangs are well. I must make a trip there one day, after I learn to ride my bike. My mom dont take me anywhere except to weird places where they poke my bum bum :(