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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Owls visits to Furry Pies

Hey guys, you won't believe what I saw last night. At around midnight, I was with my little babies on the balcony while my mom was on her knees asking for forgiveness from me, I saw a big turkey landed on the balcony railing! I fought off the turkey with all my strength who tried to grab little Izzy and I so bravely fought off the bird. The Turkey might have felt so scared of me so it flew off after. A few nights ago, similar thing happened. The same Turkey came to our window sill while my mom was doing her beauty regiment in the washroom. I saw something outside the window and I growled to scare that thing off. I made myself bigger than that thing was and again, it got scared and flew off. My mom thought I was making up some stories.After the last night incident, I just wanted to make sure the Turkey don't come around again and carry my mum away, so I went to bed with her the entire night, kept a vigilant watch.

Bobby's version of an Owl

Mum's version: Last night, at around 1am, I was sitting at the balcony with the little ones and Bobby was as usual leaning on the balcony railing. I switched off all the lights in the house and it was so peaceful just to sit there and listen to crickets and dogs howling not too far away. Since Izzy can't walk, I always place her in a self-made bed and keep her close wherever I am so she could be with her other siblings. At one point I stepped inside, went to the kitchen to get some water, Bobby followed me. Within few seconds, I heard a crashing sound and hissings. I quickly came to the balcony and nothing was weird except Izzy was on her back and was panting so hard. The rest of the siblings went into hiding under the sofa and the clothes line on the balcony was slightly tilted towards the rattan chair. And all of a sudden I saw glowing eyes in the dark and something was sitting on the balcony railing. I freaked out. Within few seconds I came to my senses and realised it was a big Owl. I was scared and Bobby stood behind me unlike other times he always stand infront of me. I slowly bend down and grabbed Izzy's bed and dragged her inside and closed the sliding door. The Owl flapped his wings and did the usual head shaking, let out a shrieking sound and flew off.

This wasn't the first time it has happened. A few nights ago I and my friend Lynn saw 2 big Owls,perched at a tree opposite to our condo block. On the same night, when we got ready for bed, I closed all the doors except for windows for fresh air. While I was in the washroom, I heard Bobby's growls. I came out and Bobby stood at the window sill and all puffed up with his eyes as big as watermelon.He does that sometimes, as if he has seen something or someone, either behind me or in the jungle. And he does all this after midnight which freakes me out.

Anyway, that night, after I saw Bobby looking like a bundle of cotton just came out of a dryer, I immediately knew something wasn't right so I quickly closed the windows and right then I felt a movement outside. It was so eerie since it was around midnight as well so I ignored. Only later I connect that incident could be the Owls were preying on KISS clan :O Thank God Bobby was there to protect us that night. If not for his growl, the Owl might have caught Bobby (Although I wonder if the Owl would be strong enough to fly off with him) So, after that incident, Bobby was so scared (I think) he came to bed with me and stayed there the entire night, purring so loudly and trying to smother me, which kept me awake till 4am :(

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Joy E. Saga said...

Oh my cod!That was so scary! We got the shivers thinking that Izzy could have been owl food. Golly! We don't think that the owl would catch you Bobby but we would like to be safe than sorry. So keep alert and howl like a banshee if need be to scare the owl away.

Take care my pals... time to put your security jacket and watch out for the babies (and yourself, and your mommy)

Kat, Pedro, Yasmin, Maori, Hope, Faith (and Kecik and Subaru) and Jo the rabbit