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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hello folks,
Sorry, I haven't been actively blogging the past few weeks. My dad is in town and I have been busy catching up with him on a few things. Since my dad been away for a long time, I had to show him where the kitchen is, where my food bowl is, where the kibbles are kept etc etc. It took a while for me to teach him and to remind him a few other things. Btw, good news is our little Izzy has made a huge progress. She can now walk. She's still wobbly but I think that's good since she can use the toilet to do her business and won't soil the carpets anymore :) Each time when she soils the carpet, my mom gives me that scary stare as if I have done it. Come on, I'm a grown up boy. Do you seriously think I would wanna soil the carpet? So, anyway, all is well at home. Now I must get back to training my dad on feeding. He doesn't quite get the tricks, or that he simply doesn't want to learn. Cheerios guys, we will speak again soon.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Little Mhee Checking In

Remember Me (Mhee)? 

We received a little updates on Little Mhee from her mom. Suddenly we realised how much we have missed her. We wanted to scoop her put into our pockets and run away..LOL

All seems to be well with her. She's yet to bond with her older sister Po, but looks like they will start playing Police & Thief game soon and her mom will get plenty of exercise :P

Btw, we read somewhere that when our kitties looks at us or stare at us for a longer period, it's a sign that they love us. So, she must love her mom very much or that she was trying to make you look at We were happy to see the photos of Little Mhee who's not so little Mhee anymore.