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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hello folks,
Sorry, I haven't been actively blogging the past few weeks. My dad is in town and I have been busy catching up with him on a few things. Since my dad been away for a long time, I had to show him where the kitchen is, where my food bowl is, where the kibbles are kept etc etc. It took a while for me to teach him and to remind him a few other things. Btw, good news is our little Izzy has made a huge progress. She can now walk. She's still wobbly but I think that's good since she can use the toilet to do her business and won't soil the carpets anymore :) Each time when she soils the carpet, my mom gives me that scary stare as if I have done it. Come on, I'm a grown up boy. Do you seriously think I would wanna soil the carpet? So, anyway, all is well at home. Now I must get back to training my dad on feeding. He doesn't quite get the tricks, or that he simply doesn't want to learn. Cheerios guys, we will speak again soon.

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Magical Furville said...

Have a wonderful vacation Bobby - hope you don't starve!