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Monday, November 12, 2012

Heppey Deiwali!

Today me Foo blog blog. It's Deiwali tomorrow. Got Deiwali day? What iz it? Papa Bobby tell all anne, akka thambi and thangatchi take oil bath den wear new clothes. Diz Cat lady make me oil bath??!! Oh No!! I is hating OIL! I go looking in the closet for new clothes but got no clothes. Meibe only for her own children :(( I thinking how Deiwali is like? She got supprises me tomorrow? Oh, I seeing  Sassy & Kirby's blog, verrrry noice. You liking my photo? The lady taken this. I looking handsome. Ok, i pee pee, seeing you tomorrow. Heppey Deiwali to you! - Foo with no last name

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Harro little Foo!

Kirby and I miss you, too! Don't worry, the oil will make you smell good and you looks so cute Curly is almost screaming in my ear saying you look so cute.

Send our pawy hugs and wet kisses to Mommy and everykitty at home. Oh, Curly also want to say thank you to Bobby and to Mommy.

We miss you very very much.