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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spaying Song

Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you strayed?
I've been to the Shelter to get myself spayed.
Pussy cat, pussy cat please tell me why?
The cat sat down sadly and said with a sigh:

You may not have noticed, but all through the land,
The cat population is quite out of hand,
There are far too many, and so that is why,
People leave kittens by roadsides to die -

There is a solution to this situation,
We must limit the number of cats in the nation,
So I make this suggestion to all female pets,
Make spaying appointments with your local vets.
~ Thank you Moggycat's

Foot note: The models Suzy & Izzy were the one of the many unwanted litters. Unwanted litters doesn't fall from the sky. Cats doesn't know what sex education is all about. We, as their guardian decide and do what's best for them. 

That's for pets. How can we help the strays that produce more strays? The same, catch, spay/neuter then release them back. If you start with your area, say 1 cat a month you will see amazing result within 12 months. This is a personal experience.

We support Spay/Neuter. If you want to know more about Spay/Neuter info, speak with your Vet or speak to either on the below

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