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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Story of Baby Blanket

This is Baby Blanket, in short BB. She was left outside a petshop and spotted by a good samaritan (We thank Azella & Partner). They decided to bring her back and looked after her later FurryPies decided to look after her. She was about 10 days old, and she has just opened her eyes then. This is her story for now. She will start publishing her story when she's ready to talk. For now, we are teaching her the basic things. She looks very cute when she drinks her milk, both her ears will twitch, she's very quiet and slowly getting to know her surrounding. We can't wait for her to update this blog when she starts talking.

Once again, Baby Blanket is just another product of unwanted litter, left by the roadside. Spay Neuter your pets please! Such tiny kitten can't fend for herself if you throw her on the street. Have some mercy!

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