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Monday, November 26, 2012

Toilet Talk - II

This is a continuation of the Toilet talk segment. let's hear from the rest of the Furry Pies, shall we?
Mr. Foo Foo is a Furry Pies resident for the past 2 months.

User's Nick name: Mr. Foo Foo
Real Name: Foo (with no last name)

Hallo, I iz Foo, you call me Foo Foo olso can. I am liking Oko Plus. Oko Plus cover my poo poo nice. Fake mummy throw my poo in the toilet. No stuck one. I iz using sand last time, I paws got stick. I then lick my paws. Fake mummy scolds me I see paw prints everywhere :( Now i am using Oko Plus, my see no paw prints, so fake mummy no scolding me. Ok, that is all I am saying. Ok Tatta!

The Oko Plus Models

Model's Nick Name: Bonzai Kitty
Real Name: Izzy Batros (soon to have a different last name)

Model's Nick Name: Suzy Q
Real Name Suzy Batros (soon to have a different last name)

Both the girl models Suzy and Izzy didn't want to share any other information. They said the photo will speak for itself. Oh they have been living at FurryPies since July and soon they will be migrating elsewhere. When asked about where they will be, both looked at each other and said simultaneously  "Please respect our privacy. We don't like catarazzi's invading out privacy"

We thank all the users and the models for their valuable time. We definitely going to give Oko Plus a try (but Oko Plus isn't for human?) and experience that ourselves. Our final word, regardless which brand we use, we recommend lets try to use eco friendly, and environment friendly product. So that while caring for our pocket, our home we also care for the environment we live in.

We had a great time doing the photoshoot and we hope the kitties had a great time too. If you have a time, choose a photo of your favourite model and drop us a note at

Sincere apologies that we couldn't interview the FurryPies Personal Assistant as she was high on Silvervine and caught her sleeping on the kitchen counter. We should have taken a photo of that! but afraid we would be sued!

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