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Friday, November 23, 2012

Toilet Talk

Hello everyone,

Today, for a change, we decided to do a product review. We know there are many cat owners out there sometimes can't decide or still shopping around for that perfect little cat litter for their fluffies. I was one too. Anything from Clumping sand to Crystals to wood and Pine, you name it we have used it. For us, this is a very important topic, and some may think this is gibberish. As our wise Dad used to say, only those who have cats will know what a cat owner goes through :P

Anyway coming to the topic, we did a month long research and lots of observations living with 1 mammoth, 1 catwalk model, 1 Bonzai kitty and last, 1 Perimetre kitty. So let's hear from the cat's mouth on what they think of Cats Best OkO Plus shall we?

User's nick name: Mammoth
Real name: Bobby Batros

Hi there, I'm Bobby Batros. I own FurryPies so I'm the Boss, and my mom is my assistant. She does nothing, trust me. Speaking of cat litter, I think Cats Best Oko Plus was the best thing my mum have suggested so far, although it was my idea initially but I had to get her to buy it since she's my personal shopper?

I have been on Oko Plus, say about almost 9 months now. Of all the cat litter we used, I love Oko Plus. It doesn't stain my paws, I still have that rosey pink paws when I jump out of my toilet. The residues although sticks to my smooth paws but it just drops off when I jump out. My toilet doesn't stink like it used to before. It's less smelly but not as close to smelling like spring flowers. My mum could do a better job by fixing an aroma diffuser in there or something *sigh*

My mum complains less after we started using Oko Plus cause she don't have to scoop and throw out the waste instead just flush it down the toilet. When I say toilet, I meant the squatting toilet yeah, not the western toilet. We don't know how that works for the cat litter.  Its easier to flush it down and she doesn't have to pack them nicely like Nasi lemak, go to the big tong sampah to throw it since we live in highrise.

I get my mum to mop and vacumm the house almost on a daily basis when we were on litter sand as the pebbles would just strewn everywhere. Well, not me but the new little ones we used to foster make a mess since they are new to toilet training. So after being on Oko Plus, I see less cleaning so I instructed my mum she could do the cleaning 2 days once. I think I will let the others to share their story another day. I have some sleeping to catch up. It's been a long night listening to some wolves howling in the jungle. Time to put on my "Securitey T"

That's it for today folks. We shall update the interviews with the rest tomorrow :)

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