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Monday, November 19, 2012

"Why you cry la Foo?"


My name iz Foo. I am 2 month old. I am found in Seremban, very very very far. My fake mummy take me her house. I looking for new house, new family and frendz. I am good boy. I am handsome, cute and shy shy tiny much. I like fake mummy, fake mummy giving me fish, chiken,biskut, milk and whatever la.

I wake up morning, play play then eat. Then I play play, then i sleep. I like papa Bobby. Papa Bobby verrrrrrry nice. I sleep on Papa Bobby, Papa Bobby no angry. Papa Bobby like big pillow  So soft soft and I see dreams, so many dreams in my sleep. Akka Suzy also verry nice, Akka Izzy notty little much. She bite bite my tail you know :( Soooo painful. I cry then fake mummy come ask me "Why you cry la Foo" I say "Akka Izzy bite bite me" then fake mummy ask me again "Why you cry la Foo" I say again "Akka Izzy bite bite me" then fake mummy ask AGAIN "Why you cry la Foo" I angry I go under sofa and sit. Why fake mummy ask me say too many times?

Today, fake mummy make fish. Nice fish, I like fish,big fish. Akka Izzy not eating fish, don't know why. Akka Suzy, Papa Bobby and I Foo, eating fish. fake mummy verry happey. I also happey. I so sleepy. I got dream then I see you in dream. Tatta

~ Foo (with no last name)

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