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Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Time

This a long over due Thank You note, to those who gave us assistance when we needed the most. When the remaining kittens goes to their new family, it will be just me and my Bobby. Before we go senile and start forgetting things, just like some of the impending posts, we better do it now.

So here it is, our sincere Thanks &  heartfelt thanks to many so we gonna list them all down accordingly

  1. Our sincere Thanks to KTAJ - Mira, Nerq, Rina namely to graciously sponsor medical bills of KISS Clan when our pockets were tight. Allowing Mia & Tiggy to find a loving family also making us part of KTAJ family. We appreciate the assistance, thank you is an under statement here.
  2. To Lynn & Jon Co - for all that countless vet visits, including midnight SOS calls, bringing us, the sick kittens to the vet, for providing kitty sitting service when we were in tight spot, for lending us a ear when times were difficult. What would we have done without you? We cant thank you enough. 
  3. To Joy, for taking care of Baby B at a last minute request and giving a chance to Suzy + Izzy to find a loving home, for trusting us with Sunny + Sherby and lots of goodies, not to forget the friendship. We thank you
  4. To Azella, for keeping to your words, you restored our faith is some rescuers, we thank you for that.
  5. To MAC, for listening to our grievances, vents and for giving us a chance to do our part.
  6. To Lulu Cattywampus, for fully sponsoring, Willow, Suzy & Izzy's neuter procedure, we can't Thank you enough.
  7. To Nieza, again giving us a listening ear, the little gifts and for the friendship, we thank you. Good example how  kitties could connect people.
  8. Bin, for being our never ending "fix" supplier and the little surprise gifts. Thank you
  9. To all our FurryPies Guests, for choosing us to board your kitties, for trusting us that we will take care of you kitties, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts
  10. To all the families of our kitties, providing them a home filled with love and care that they deserve infact more than we asked for.Constantly updating us with the latest photos and the well being of the kitties. We only pray the best to all of you. we can't thank you enough for that.
  11. To all the kitties that came by FurryPies, made this home such a joyful place to be, filled with lots of love and happiness although sometimes a little too unbearable, most importantly, teaching us valuable lessons and lots of fond memories, constantly reminding me that love has no boundaries. I am forever Thankful to you. I could only take a comfort that I gave you my best.
  12. Last but not least, our sincere gratitude to Mark, our Dad, for sponsoring our food, medical for countless kitties and allowing us to share your home, patiently waited till we found our homes, sacrificing your personal time during your yearly trips so we don't have to be away boarded elsewhere. How can we ever Thank you?
  13. To Bobby,for being so tolerant, understanding and for sharing your love with the kitties. I love you for that and I am thankful you came to me and will be with me when the journey continues if time permits.
Our sincere apologies if I have missed out any names or persons in this post.

Our mission has come to a halt but to be continued soon at a different time and location.

Thank You

1 comment:

Joy E. Saga said...

Snif snif ... we will miss you very much. Definitely will spend more time with you before you go to your new adventure.