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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

S&S Twins Ready for a Family

Both Sunshine and Sherbet are from ISPCA (SPCA Ipoh) shelter. They are now in KL looking for loving family and a home. Both cats have been fully vaccinated,de-wormed and neutered.Although both are not from the same litter but both look like twins. Both have same type of tail and colour patterns. Both are inseparable.

1.Sunshine (Male, about 5 months)
He's very curious,very cuddly,quite friendly to strangers and a very loving playful boy. Loves his food and quite independent. Quite a relaxed boy and well behaved, meaning he doesn't scratch sofas and furnitures and doesn't climb on dining tables.He has a very funny meow, that sounds like a tokay (gecko) :P

2.Sherbet (Male,about 4 months)
Quite a funny boy, he needs to have his time to get to know strangers, otherwise he's just like Sunshine, very playful, loves his food way too much! Loves tummy tubs, not afraid to hide in handbags and usually the first one to run to answer phone calls :) Whenever the mobile rings, he would dash out wherever he is to the mobile.

Both boys would make a very lovely companion. Please write to us at if you like them to be part of your family.

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