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Thursday, January 31, 2013


I have always written the happy notes, the happy stories about kitties. Notes about kittens that have found happy and loving homes. Sometimes some silly stories on behalf of them and some cute photos of them. I have never once posted any sad news or about the little ones that came to my hand but left too soon.

You can call this as an obituary as I have never written a decent post about them in the past. Even to write this particular post, I had to pause a few times. I thought as time goes by, the pain will fade too, but I guess it won't unless I write down how I felt and feeling now.

The little ones who came to me, who stayed with me for a short period of time, that left too soon, I think I owe them an apology. An apology for failing to full fill the promise that I made to them, or perhaps the trust their rescuers had in me. I think of them very often. So, here it goes, not many have met them but they were with me briefly.





When a kitten finds a home and leaves, I often think about them, they could have been part of the happy ones left to live with their families. But,sadly enough, they didn't make it.I do blame myself for it, sometimes I think I did all I could, sometimes I ask, have I really done the best?

I am listing them down here not as statistics or to show how much of a great work i have done. I am listing them down here to show how important it is to neuter/spay our pets when the time comes. It is heart wrenching to see newborn kittens being abandoned by the road side or in a box with umbilical cord still attached. How are they going to fend for themselves?, have we ever gave that a thought? And some lucky ones get rescued but doesn't make it to enjoy the comfort of a home. Not only cats, even dogs face the same fate on a daily basis.

This pictures also can be a reminder that strays are infact can be our responsibility if we want to take up that responsibility. We don't have to be an animal lover to curb stray population by doing a small part. For example take a stray adult cat to get it neutered when we encounter one. Each person were to catch and neuter 1 cat or a dog a month, that will make a lot of difference, but again, it is a matter of our choice, are we a willing participant or just be one of the many among who points the fingers at someone else.

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Joy E. Saga said...

Don't blame yourself. I believe that God and the universe has better plans for them. It is already written that their time is short but full of meaning. May they short day teaches us humanity and compassion that the world may change into a better place for man and for all living beings.
You did good girl. I'm always in awe!