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Sunday, February 3, 2013

You see me, you see happiness

Do you have plants at home or in your garden? Do you water them daily? Clean out the weeds and trim the over grown plants? Do you fertilize them, making sure they get enough sun light?  How do you feel when the plant in your garden starts to blossom?

Now imagine this,

You give me a little space n your heart and home,care and food, nurture me with lots of love and I too will  blossom beautifully within your eyes. I too will love you no matter who you are or what you are. I don't see what you feed me, I don't see how much of a big house you have, I don't see what you wear or what you drive. I only see that big heart you have, the heart filled with love, that's all I see.

I Baby Blanket Batros, soon will have a new last name, feeling very philosophical today. My foster mum have been playing Heart Sutra since morning and I thought I would want to share this with you. Yes, I no longer say "Mewk" that's for babies, I am now semi Baby Blanket Batros soon to be blossomed into a beautiful girl :)
~ By BBB


ash lyy said...

Running a boarding cattery can be both rewarding and fulfilling - if you have the commitment and stamina.

Furry Pies said...

I totally agree with you there Ash. Thank you for dropping by our blog :)