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Friday, May 16, 2014

Time to buckle up

I realized it's been almost a year since I updated anything on my blog.I would like t say i have been really busy, not entirely but yes, I have been busy with a few changes here and there but it's not an excuse not to update our blog. I am going to make it a point that I will update this blog regularly from now on.

So, let's see what have we missed or did the last 11 months. I'm just going to post a snapshots here and will write a brief story on each later on as I'm migrating to a  Land Down Under. Apparently there are tonnes of Fussie cats can food freely available over there. My mom said, I can have them everyday 5 times a day. Sounds like heaven to me, don't you think?

Anyway, here are the snap shots of what took place in our home the last 11 months.

1. Story of Baby Elfy (The sole survivor of M.E.G.A clan) You might have read about his mom Ginny and rest of the siblings, but if not I'll story story later on.

2. Story of Baby Ollie (I loved this girl, but i had to let her go :( )

3. Story of Nera

4. Story of Chodak Lhakyi

5. Story of Batty (in the making)

Now, I must go beddy byes. I had a long day today at the vets. I promise I will start writing the stories soon..very very soon.


Bobby batros


Glennis said...

I like that lazy lay-back big ginger cat, he has a great place to lean against too.

Bobby Batros said...

Hi Glennis,

Thank you for coming by our blog :)
His name is Bobby Batros. He's a very laid back ginger cat, lazy sometimes but a very loving dad to all my fostered kittens. He's now in Australia. He loves to sit like that, leaning onto anything and watch the world go by.

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